The 10 ways of smart and effective study

smart and effective study

Wouldn’t it be nice if we come to know how to study smart and effectively and what are the ways for that? That’s the question every student has been haunted by and they are even more curious to know the way by which this age-old, so-called riddle could be solved. Right from childhood through the nursery stage of schooling to the college level, we have been guided, told, suggested how to do a smart and effective study. Our parents, teachers and the resource persons would tell us to do particular things, specific rules to follow regarding studying and all.

Do you remember our parents used to tell us stories of the past that when there was a Gurukul system of learning, disciples were required to follow specific rules of studying in terms of sitting position, reading, memorizing the facts, etc.?

The time has changed, so also the traditions and manners and we are having at this moment, the scientifically proven ways of studying.

Earlier people used to read loudly as they believed they could memorize easily in that way so they stressed more on mugging up but we all know how useful are those old ways of studying, don’t we? Let’s go through some of the useful ways of smart and effective study –

1. Study Environment

The single most important thing, we must pay attention to, is a study environment. A disturbing and noisy place could never be suitable for study purposes. The study environment is as important as your skills of studying, otherwise, I am sure, the whole exercise may go in vain and would prove futile. Then how should be the ideal study environment? Yep, it should be pleasing and relaxing. It should be motivating and inspiring to help you reach excellence. You can hang some of the photographs of the inspiring personalities on the walls which would keep your mood up and help in maintaining concentration and focus.

2. Read multiple subjects daily

Sticking to one subject for a whole day is onerous. If you are a school student, you may be doing home assignments after your school in the evening and a college student may be doing the same task for either at home or in a library. This whole exercise goes pleasing and satisfactory if you switch to a new subject alternatively. Especially it is strongly suggested for the students who prepare for university and competitive exams. It’s always been better to study multiple subjects rather than deep-diving into one. The brain needs to do consolidation which only would be done if it doesn’t get any stress.

3. Read faster with big eye span

Check your reading speed. Try to read more words per minute than you currently do. Reading faster helps cover more content, helps memorize the facts easily. A slow reading has its own drawbacks as you may forget what you read earlier as you go ahead. A slow reading confuses and makes you blank in the sense that you finish with nothing. Also, do one thing, try to read more content in one eye span, say, at the outset one line in one go and slowly two to three lines after that in one eye span. This will dramatically increase your capacity and skill positively.

4. Try a silent reading

Are you still one of those who make others annoyed due to loud reading habit and ends up having nothing productive? Oh, come on then! You are a grown-up now and not a nursery kid. Apply this productive method of reading. Mute reading helps you grasp more than the loud one. It maintains silence and you get more of an essence. Mute reading is a hallmark of smart and effective study and is appreciated also as others can do their own business with no harm.

5. Maintain brief notes

There may be exceptions and someone would say someone XYZ does read it once and reproduces whenever asked so with great ease. But this is not a general fact. One cannot easily remember the whole book by reading once or twice. Jotting down important points helps in revising the content in a shorter time possible. You never need to read the same book many times if you maintain brief notes. It saves time also.

6. Revise, revise and revise periodically

Once read and forgotten. It happens. If you don’t revise what you have read earlier you may forget that. Periodical revision is super necessary and useful to keep alive every bit of information in your brain. Try scheduling revision say for every week and even try reading or having a cursory glance on the yesterday’s content every next day.

7. Make your study comprehensive using internet

You need not worry about any information you need. There is internet at your disposal. Just make it a part of your habit that after studying any topic just go to the internet and collect some more facts and information related to your study topic only to make it comprehensive. This way you can get thorough information regarding a particular topic.

8. Don’t do multitasking – focus on one thing at a time

Multitasking doesn’t produce effective results. Try focusing on one thing at a time, be perfect in that, and move on to the next accordingly. Doing more things at a time distributes your attention to more things like someone is studying and simultaneously messaging friends and even doing some other thing which ideally is not productive. This would only end up distracting your concentration and nothing else.

9. Evaluate yourself periodically

Periodical evaluation is a must. One who doesn’t get oneself evaluated periodically will lose the relevance of his/her knowledge in the long run. It’s like helping metal develop rust and become of no use. Periodical evaluation is necessary as it rejuvenates the almost forgotten content in your memory. It helps you know your weak areas so that you can improve them afterward.

10. Stay connected with peers and a resource person

In our childhood, our parents shouldered the responsibility of resource person. The resource person is essentially someone who guides us and who is an expert in our subject field. A friend, family members, our teachers, or even the earlier achievers of our subject can be a resource person. It always fetches benefits by having a resource person in terms of advantage like taking you on the track, guiding you properly, making you aware of the future course in your career path.

We always come to hear the remarks such as one needs to do a smart study to achieve the desired goal quickly. A smart study has always been effective. It consumes less time but fetches you maximum benefits. Therefore, you better gear up for a smart and effective study to excel in your career path smoothly.

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